Satake GLASS Ordering Information

Satake Glass rods are made in Japan. COE is 125. Anearing temperature 890 F.
*They have Soda color and Lead color, we recomment to to use only lead color
* As contain Lead, The glass get cool slowly. So you do
do not need aneal bead in Kiln but aneal in Ashes or A3 anneal bubbe
( If you make bead right, bead will not crack)
* We recommend to use Japanese Torches. If you use Oxgen torches,
the glass get boilled (a lot of bubble on surfece )and color changes.
*if you want color number on the rod, it cost $0.10 per each color.

Satake glass
Assort 2kg set -- $110

Total 1kg to 2g --$55/kg
Total 2kg to 4kg $50/kg

You can order by rod from below, or you can let us chose must have color for you. About 15-18 rod / Kg

Satake powder
Powder 20g / pack $5.-/pack

Satake Special glass
It is really dense Special Satake glass rod..
SS1 to SS20(except SS10)  $0.25/g  
Below cane is pulled into 0.5mm to 0.9mm cane. You can tell it is really dense color. The picture on right is transparent glass from SS1 to SS10, with light from back.
As this rod is too dense you can use it for twist cane or murrini or dot.
*Only SS19 is Soda color, but you can mix with other lead color.

SS10 is very dense gold pink
We have in chunk $0.35/g , and hand pulled small rod $0.6/g

Satake Glass sample board
40 colors/sheet x 3sheets
(120 colors)
G, S, A , sheet.
$90.-/ set

AEconomy Anealing Material
We do not reccomend to use Fiber blanket, because bead clack very often. Best one is Globe light anealer.
1 litter of Ashes $10.-
1.7 litter of annealing bubble (better anealer than Vermiculite) $6
1.5 litter of Vermiculite $4
about 5 litter of annealing bubble in steal box. Very popular and keep bead hot longer time.

This is best anealer, if you do not have Kiln


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