Altima, Kamikaze Oxygen Concentrator. Made in Japan
We export to Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Perfect for Lampworking
Oxygen generators taylored to the glass blowing industry. Our units provide a cost effective and convienient alternative to typical glass blowing setups by eliminating the need for an external oxgen source. By providing a constant and reliable flow of oxygen to the torch we allow the artist to do what they do best, create!

Ultima Size W200 x 500 X H500, 25kg

Have you ever thought that you wanted to use medium size and a large-scale oxygen burner?
But the oxygen is really expensive and really troublesome to change bottles.
By using 2 of Altima, you can use for middle class torch.
These machine eliminate all the cost and trouble of deliverd oxygen.
Not like other machine, we use 100% all new parts in machine. ( no rebuilt, no repair).
So, we have not returned any machinesince we start selling.

8 litter/min
2 of Ultima
16 litter/min.
.Torch \250,000 \450,000 \400,000 \600,000
Little Torch . . .
Minor/Bobcat . . .
Carlisle mini . . .
GTT Links  . .
Mid Range  . .
Barracuda ›  .
Phantom ›  .
Red Max › 
‚b‚b . › 
Dragon Fire . › 
Mirrage . . › 
‚b‚b{ . . › 
Dragon master › 
Delta 

–It is possible to connect two machine : 2 of Altima. that makes 16 Litter/Min.
–Machine is built 100-110V or 230-240V
–Kamikaze18 require 0.2MPa, 160 litter/Min. of Dry air from Compressor.

How it Works
By using PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology similar to what you see in the medical field, our units collect oxygen from air by by filtering air through CIV beds. So, Machine needs clean fresh air. CIV bead lasts anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 hours of use before extended maintenance needs to be performed.

Uses of Oxygen Generators
Oxygen Bar, Treatment for animal, Koi raising , aquaculture, plant that need high temp. flame.

Millage inner flame with Altima Red Max with@2 of Altima CC with Kamikaze 18
Please feel free to contact us for any questions.
We look for distributor/supplier in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand.
Contact :
No.1-10-24, Himurodai, Hirakata-city, Japan 573-0115
FAX Japan (81) ‚V‚Q|‚W‚T‚X|‚V‚Q‚X‚T@
and CC to@@@@

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