Tenugui - Japanese cotton hand towel (plain waved)
It can be used for anything a towel could be used for - as a washcloth, dishcloth, gift wrapping, turban, chief, scarf, headband, souvenir or decoration.

Size about 14"wide x 36" long
( we find good web showing how to use Tenugui. http://www.wuhaonyc.com/how_to_use.php )

New more design comming every 2-3 month .

Set of 6
Special Deal $60.-
We took picture with natural sun light.
Below picture is closer to real color than picture on the left.

Sumo wrestlers making bead No.1 - $12.@
Color - Light Gray printed with Dark Blue paint
( right picture-- top)
Sumo Wrestlers making twisty cane No.2 - $12.
Color Pink printed with dark brown paint
(right picture -- 4th from top
Sumo Wrestler making bead No.3 - $12.
2 color avairable.
Upper picture Light blue printed with llight brown.
(right picture--3rd from top)
Lower picture White printed with blue purple
( right picture -- 2nd from top)
Sumo Wrestler making flower bead No.4 - $12.
Light brown printed with red wine color
( right picture 5th from top)
Example of twist pattern No.5. - $12.
White printed with light blue
( right picture -- bottom one) .

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