Strong torch, That`s Blueburner, Japan

Our torch have been popular in Scientific glass lab in Japan for many years, and recently more and more glass artist start using our torch.
All made in Japan.

Thickness of tube
See our torch head! It is made of stainless steel and check out thickness of tube.

Torch head material
Many of torch manufacture use Brass , because it is easy to manufacture torch.
Brass makes manufacturing time shorter, but due to weaker in heat, torch life time get shorter.

WE use Stainless steel. Stainless is hard metal, so every process of making torch takes more time than Brass.
But we want torch durable and strong to heat and long life, so we use stainless steel.
This makes torch possible to work
in Reduction frame longer time than other torch.

Even smaller torch, KBSS-10 or KBSS-10H, we use two stage system. You can adjust center oxygen and outer oxygen separately.
All of our torch is surface mix and safe. So ours are very little cance to backfire( no sound like pistol ).

Mid to Large torch, they are three stage system. they have three oxygen adjust valve.
Center oxygen valve can produce about 2mm wide pin frame.

KBSS-10 KBSS-20  KBSS-10H (color of handle may change))

Blue Burner ブルーバーナー

Item number Description  Price
Small bench burner
I.D.  11.5mm 8tubes(2.5mm)
(center 1/outer7tube) 
Small hand torch
I.D.  11.5mm 8tubes(2.5mm)
(center 1/outer7tube) 
Med. bench burner
I.D.  21.5mm 33tubes(2.5mm)
(center 1/mid 6/outer 10,16 tubes),
3 stage
Large bench burner
I.D.  26.5mm 65tubes (2.5mm)
(center1/mid 6,12/outer20, 26) 
3 stage
XL bench burner
  31mm 67tubes (3mm)
(center1/mid 6,12/outer20 ,28) 
3 stage
 Air mixer (aspirater) USD30 
Steel U shape Bench base (blue ) USD90
Pilot small flame. set under toch USD140
 品番例 : KBSS-20-L-B-P  

Tell us type of Gas --Natural, LPG, Hydrogen.
Size of hose barb
KBSS-10 --- 9mm for Oxygen, 11mm for Gas
KBSS-20, 25,30 --- 9mm
Sugested oxygen pressure 0.05Mps, gas pressure 0.01Mps

some youtube link ( sorry only Japanese language,, but it may help ,)

Other cool item.

 Three way barb 9mm $15 for KBSS-10

Four way barb 9mm $20
for KBSS-20,25,30
Adjustable flow. Now non slip coat on foot.
Ball valve type foot pedal.

Two valves
Gas saver for KBSS-10H
with pilot flame.
If you want adjust both Gas and Oxygen with our ball valve foot pedd, and if pressure is different, higher pressure gas, (usually oxygen,) need to reduce flow.
Then you can adjust both gas and oxygen at same time.
Oxygen flow reducer for ball foot pedal .


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Bottom left picture is not our burner.
It is ordinary torch made of Brass, after using three years.