Hand made Glass Bead, Murrini, sculpture by Hide Kawakami
This is a picture of my studio
(I was about to pull murrini)

When I make big murrini by Moretti, I use small Minor burner + Japanese torch. Japanese torches are really soft flame just like a growly hole.
Also, Japanese Torch do not need Oxgen tank, (just small air pomp) so it is economy and safe.
These are Torches that Most Japanese Use.
Most Japanese use Satake Glass, which is much soft than Moretti. These torches does not need oxgen tank, but the flame tempature is enough to melt Satake Glass
The white one is air pomp, that send air to torches.
You can see catalog of these at http://www.jplampwork.com/a3index.htm
Followings are bead, murrini, paper weight, sculpture that I made.
These are paper weight and purfume bottle.
I work with my blowing friend.
Lots of Fish Murrini
Lovely fish bead Lovely fish bead
I use Moretti glass for making these sculpure. Cored glass using Satake glass. Japanese torches are perfect to making cored glass.
Dog that living in my house Murrini (Satake Glass)
Bead Using Satake Glass Beads using Satake Glass
Bead using Satake Glass Biggest Murini that I have ever made.

About me
Hi, I am Yukihide Kawakami, oh that is very long and difficlut to pronaunce. So people call me Hide (Hyde)
I live between Kyoto and Osaka, In Japan, which is little country side, with my wife and kid . I run small glass Gallery in Nagano, and small Studio/Shop for bead making supplies in Kyoto. When you visit Japan and If you like to take class for bead making or buy something, please contact me without hesitation.

Every other week ends (Sat & Sun)at my shop, we have a class for making Japanese style bead.
We use Japanese Torch and Satake Glass. If you like to try, Please contact me for details.
Fee $120/day (about 6 hours) including Material (glass rod).


Yukihide Kawakami (Mr.)

1-10-24 Himurodai Hirakata-shi@@
OsakaCJAPAN 573-0115
Fax 81(Japan) 75(area) 921-7912

E-mail ovalvwbus@yahoo.co.jp

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